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Easingwold in the snow

Easingwold in the snow

Easingwold’s beautiful all year round, but cover with a blanket of snow and it’s suddenly transformed into a winter wonderland.

Whilst the Beast from the East served up trouble for motorists, the elderly, local schools and public transport, it’s fair to say the upside of the February 2018 Storm Emma, drifting in from Siberia, was the glorious snowy scenery it left in its wake.

We don’t get snow like this very often these days in North Yorkshire, but a snowy Easingwold basking in the sunshine is a Wold Class, picture-perfect sight.

Easingwold's war memorial in the snow

Red phone box in Uppleby in the snow

Deep and crisp and even snow in Easingwold

Glorious Easingwold in the snow and sunshine