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Doggy Doos Salon Annual Charity Fun Dog Show 2018

Doggy Doos Judges Favourite

Doggy Doos Salon held their Annual Charity Fun Dog Show a little earlier this year to coincide with the anniversary of the rescue of 32 Lhasa Apso dogs from the same household in West Yorkshire.

This year it was a Fun Dog Show and Teddy’s Picnic (Teddy was one of the 32) and some of the members of the “32 Club” travelled from as far away as Scotland and Wales for the event.  Teddy was, of course, thrilled to see his former family!

There were rosettes, medals and trophies to be won and a total of £400 was raised for the Sir Lewis Lhasa Rescue Group.  All the first placed dogs are automatically entered into the Judge’s Favourite class and a Greyhound called Sully (who won the dog with a disability class) won the Judge’s Favourite trophy.

Hilary Stell of the group, who rescued the 32 dogs, also came to the event with the oldest member of the “32 Club” called Zak. The weather was great and the picnic after the event was very well attended with all the humans and dogs on their best behaviour.